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Masihloniphane Respecting each other (19’42’’) 2006

One of the biggest problems that the Abaqophi identify as facing children in their neighbourhood is that adults often don’t respect children, and treat them badly. In this " their first attempt at making a documentary programme " they explore the perspectives of others, and leave listeners with a series of requests to be treated better.

Uphenyo ngengculaza emphakathini Uncovering AIDS in our neighbourhood Part 1 (13’24") 2006

In Part 1 of two programmes focused on HIV/AIDS, the Abaqophi head off to find out about HIV testing for children and adults from a VCT counsellor. They also talk to a child about her experiences living with an HIV-positive mother, and explore some of the support available to children like her living in this neighbourhood.

Uphenyo ngengculaza emphakathini Uncovering AIDS in our neighbourhood Part 2 (15’42’’) 2006

The Abaqophi track down the doctor at the local HIV clinic because they want to learn about how children get infected with HIV, and what treatment options are available for them. They also talk to an HIV-positive woman about her experiences of diagnosis, disclosure and raising a child; and find out from a home-based carer what support is available to families like hers.

Ngathi inqondo iyabaleka ‘Its as if they’ve lost their heads’ (9’09") 2007

The Abaqophi identified adult alcoholism and social drinking as one of the most important phenomena negatively affecting the lives of children in their neighbourhood. They explore children’s experiences of the issue, and share important messages for both adults and children.

Izidingo zengane? Ukuba yintandane ngo-2007 The needs of the child? Being an orphan in 2007 (17’20") 2007

Huge numbers of children in Maranatha are orphaned by AIDS. In this extensive programme, the Abaqophi talk to children who have been orphaned about their experiences, and find out about some of the mechanisms of support that are in place for those facing difficulties.

Kungani ezingane zinezingane? Why do children have children? (15’01") 2007

This was the question posed by the Abaqophi in the face of high rates of teenage pregnancy in their neighbourhood. They set off to find out. In the course of their explorations, they engage some of the myths and stereotypes about teen pregnancy in South Africa.

Simunye We are together (3’48") 2008

Bongumusa 'Rice' Zikhali has lived in Okhayeni all his life. He sells sweets at the market to make a living but is best loved as the coach of his young team, Local Stars United. The budding soccer stars practice every afternoon on the dusty pitch next to Okhayeni Primary School. Sandile, Lindokuhle, and Mbumbi found out what inspires him.

Indlela yokuphila A way of life (4’21") 2008

Mxolisi Tembe is one of the most sought-after soccer players in the local league. He says football is not just a beautiful game, but it's also a way of life that keeps young people out of trouble. Promise, S’bongakonke and Mbali chatted to Mxolisi as he was kitting up for practice.

Izandla ziyagezana One hand washes the other (3’37") 2008

There are many needy people living in the community of Maranatha in Ingwavuma. Thuleleni Sibiya is a young volunteer at the Sizolwempilo project that provides food for those too sick or too poor to look after themselves. Khetiwe, Zekethelo, Sibusisisiwe, and Sibonguwanda joined Thuleleni as she showed some of the work she does.

‘Kwangithatha isikhathi’ ‘It took days indeed’ (3’52") 2008

Clement Gumede is a keyboard player in Okhayeni. Mostly he plays at church, but wherever there's an electricity supply he can plug into, that's where you can hear his music. S'fundo, Sinenhlanhla and Zama went to meet him at his home " and found out more about Clement and his keyboard.

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