Careful consent procedures with children and their caregivers are followed prior to the broadcast and publication of any programmes, photographs and visual material from the project.

  • All personal diary programmes are cleared by the children and each of their caregivers;
  • All other programmes produced by the children are cleared by the children involved, as well as by a project consent team, which includes caregiver representatives.
  • All photographs are approved for use by children and their caregivers.

Such procedures are critical, not only because children are involved but because the programmes frequently touch on sensitive issues for children and their families. The best interests of the child are a priority. Children’s rights to confidentiality and freedom from discrimination should not be compromised.

Use of programmes

The broadcast and other public non-profit use of the children’s programmes is welcomed, provided the source and copyright are acknowledged.

Programmes should be used and broadcast in their packaged format. They may not be edited or shortened without consultation with the project leader.

In addition, children and their caregivers request the media’s adherence to a set of guidelines when engaging them or making use of their material.