Reports and papers

Meintjes, H (2009) Growing up in a time of AIDS: the Abaqophi BakwaZisize Abakhanyayo children’s radio project.
Case Study prepared on behalf of Clacherty & Associates for the Regional Inter Agency Task Team on HIV and AIDS (RIATT), December 2009.

Meintjes, H (2011) 'Unsettling the status quo: Children's challenges to adult perceptions and practices' in Jamieson L, Bray R, Viviers A, Lake L, Pendlebury S and C Smith (eds) South African Child Gauge 2010/2011 Cape Town: Children's Institute, University of Cape Town

Media coverage

Learners rule the airwaves. Children’s Radio project lifts off. Cape Argus Education supplement, 25 February 2009, pp 1 & 3.

The strong recorders ask questions, Rhodes Journalism Review Number 26, September 2006.

SOUTH AFRICA: Now heard - children's voices on HIV/AIDS. Plusnews, 17 July 2006.

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South African radio station scoops International Children's Day of Broadcasting (ICDB) Award, GivenGain, 9 November 2010