Sexual violenceSexual violence

Sexual violence includes all types of sexual victimization. It refers to any acts that involve the use of a child for sexual gratification usually by an adult, or in some instances by another child, who is in a position of power, responsibility or trust over the child victim. Acts of sexual violence, which often occur with other forms of violence, range from direct physical contact to unwanted exposure to sexual language and images. It also includes sexual exploitation, in which money or some other gain is given or promised in exchange for sexual activities.

Adolescents experiencing sexual abuse

Surveys allow us to capture experiences of sexual violence at any point during a child's life, including those incidents that have not been reported to authorities.

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Sexual assault against a child

Sexual assault is another offence that falls into the broad category of sexual offences. As with rape, there are likely to be high levels of under-reporting on sexual assault, particularly if there is no visible injury.

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Child rape

South Africa has high levels of reported rape, but the true extent of the problem is unknown. It is widely recognised that rape and other sexual offences are substantially under-reported.

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Unlike kidnapping, abduction is a crime that is specific to children. It consists of removing a child from his or her guardian's care for the specific purpose of marriage or sexual intercourse with the child.

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