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Ugu District, KwaZulu-Natal


Ugu is one of ten district municipalities in KwaZulu-Natal. It is located along the coastline south of Durban. The well-established coastal towns of Scottburgh, Port Shepstone and Margate, among others, are popular tourist destinations. The district also extends inland to more rural areas, many of which are under the leadership of the more than 40 tribal authorities. Tourism and agriculture are key sectors of the economy. Children make up almost half (47%) of the district population.1 The majority (87%) of children in the district live in rural areas,2 and most (93%) of children aged 7 – 17 years are reported to be attending school.3

The map shows where the children in this district live (by ward, with darker areas indicating more children) and where selected services are located. Click on the purple legend in the bottom right-hand corner to select specific services. To view details, click within the ward or on the coloured dots.


Data Source
Notes 1. The child population per ward is calculated using the 2011 Census data and 2011 ward boundaries. The updated 2016 district boundaries have been used to create this map, resulting in some minor discrepancies due to changes in the municipal boundaries between the two periods.
A printable overview of child protection information and contacts of relevant services in Ugu district municipality will be available here shortly.

1 See https://wazimap.co.za/profiles/district-DC21-ugu/#children

2 Analysis by Katherine Hall, Children's Institute, using data from the 2016 Community Survey (Statistics South Africa)

3 As above